Eclipse 2017

In the spring of 2012 we were living in Tokyo and had the wonderful opportunity to live in the path of an annular eclipse, otherwise known as a golden ring eclipse.  It was a great experience, even if it was a little cloudy.

This year we are in Jacksonville which was only able to see 90% of this year’s eclipse over the US.  We decided to travel about 10 hours north and a little west to Oconee State Park in the very western part of South Carolina to be “in the path of the totality”.  We enjoyed a part of the Southeast that we had not seen much of, and got very lucky to view the total eclipse where the clouds came and went just in time.

Below are two photos from our 2012 annular eclipse, and five photos to summarize the 2017 total eclipse.  The photos can not capture what an amazing event it was to experience.  To hear the bugs and birds go quiet, the temperature drop, the color of the sunlight change from a warm orange to a bluish white was unique.  The corona bursting from behind the moon was awe inspiring, but the flash of light which signaled the end of the totality was enough to make you gasp in joy.

Just before totality 2012.

The blob in lower right part of the sun is the International Space Station!
Close up!
75% ?
Just prior to totality
Totality with solar filter

p.s.  I was too busy kissing my wife under the eclipse to get the famous ‘diamond ring’ photo when the totality ended.