Stopover in DC area

At the beginning of December we began our journey south towards Florida.  We celebrate the fact that New England’s weather held out, and no major snowstorms hit before we could put our home on the road. 

Our first stop heading south was the Washington DC area.  We chose to camp in Greenbelt Park, a national park campground in Greenbelt, Maryland.  The reviews for this campground were mixed, with biggest pro being its’ convenience to DC.  It is only 2 miles to the College Park Metro Station and 20 minutes by train into the city.  However, the biggest con was the amount of ticks reported by many reviews.  We weighed our option, and decided to the ticks shouldn’t be a problem because the average temperature was forecasted down in the low 50s.  We are so happy with our decision.  We encountered an empty campground and not one tick.

With three days in the area, we took the train into DC only one day to visit my friend Jenny and her daughter.  In the morning Andrew and I browsed the National Museum of American Indian, then met Jenny for a stroll around the Botanical Gardens and National Mall.  We only see each other once a year, and every time is nonstop catching up. It is always so wonderful to visit with her and daughter.

Capitol, Washington DC
Mini Capitol, Washington DC Botanical Gardens
The Mall & Washington Monument

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  1. So glad to hear you didn’t have any ticks! Our friends were Workampers one late summer/fall. They only lasted a few weeks and finally had to leave because of the ticks. The ranger told them that all of the rangers have had lyme disease from working there.

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