Our Maiden Voyage…& a little Nostalgia

Today, we were off on our first adventure.  We weren’t quite ready to begin our cross country expedition, but we wanted to get out of town for a few days.  So, where?  Tallahassee.  We headed over to see a concert and visit with some old friends.

The trek to Tallahassee was fairly uneventful.  Anyone who been on I-10 knows it is mainly trees, trees, and more trees.  Our first stop was Tallahassee RV park, where we set up the Airstream.  Ame and I took a walk around to see who else was there.  With several Class A, B, and Fifth Wheel RVs around, our home looked so small.  We are definitely the runt of the pack.

After lunch, we headed over to FSU Museum.  A decade ago, I worked at the museum and haven’t had a chance to go back for a visit.  Oddly, it looked exactly the same.  It was almost like stepping back in time.  The phone was ringing…should I answer?

The main festivity for the evening was the Jeff Magnum concert.  An event I have been waiting for 12 years to see. The  concert definitely brought me full circle.  Back in 1998, I saw him perform as Neutral Milk Hotel at Tallahassee Pop Festival.   This evening performance was as powerful as 15 years ago.  He had amazing stage presence and a voice that commanded attention, even with a crowd of talking college students.P1261423

Rosie and Sallie
Rosie and Sallie

At the end of the evening, I’d say our first day of adventures was a success